Tess plays part in recycling in West Sussex

Molly & Tess Washington icanhireBNTess made short work of getting rid of a small mountain of rubbish that had building up at the side of my house over the last few weeks. This involved the removal of some ancient hi-fi equipment (small appliances), old furniture (wood), metal and household waste to Billingshurst Amenity tip. There are in-fact 11 such amenity sites in the West Sussex area which is part of their overall re-cycling strategy.

The whole exercise took less than two hours, and this is a quick run-down of the sequence of events …

Tess, a short wheel-based transit is currently parked in nearby Washington, so the cost for the hire period was under £20. I checked that this van had not been booked. (There has been a flurry of activity since the New Year) and updated her status on the system – a bit like Facebook for vans – to Vehicle Off Rental (VOR). At the van I was able to follow the simple check-out procedure to unlock, mobilize and give her the once over before and I was on my way.

West Sussex Recycling SitesThe rubbish was quickly loaded with the help of other family members and then we headed off to the Amenity Tip. We chose Billingshurst on this occasion but equally we could have used Hop Oast, Horsham - which would probably suit those using vans in BN5 area. WSCC do have a good map on their site that indicates where you can find your nearest West Sussex Recycling Site (WSRS)

Billingshurst Amenity TipI made sure to take a recent council tax bill with me as proof of identity (See information for use of hire vehicles) but it wasn’t needed. The man on the gate simply popped his head in the back of the van (side door) to satisfy himself that I wasn’t carrying commercial waste, and we were able to enter the site and quickly off-load the rubbish. It should be noted here that Tess is a short-wheel based transit who stands at 6’6″ tall which fits easily under the barrier OK as the maximum allowable height at WSCC amenity sites is 7’2.” Beware however if you happen to hire one of our long wheel-based vans such as Tahlulah. 

Tess at ScatsAfter a quick trip to Scats at Billingshurst (I guess a van would come in handy if we had more livestock than just the one dog, Molly, and two rabbits!) it was back to Washington where the check-out procedure was reversed. The VOR was then removed and Tess was now ready for the next customer. Oh, and I did make the time to give her a good wash and brush up to remove road dirt.




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